Advanced Emotional Intelligence Programmes

Shift in Mindset, Understanding Emotions, Embracing Change
Inspires particiants to shift their mindset for a more proactive attitude to support business success amidst a rapidly changing market. They will gain a deeper understanding of their own and their colleagues’ attitudes and emotions, and learn different techniques (emotional, mindset, and physical) to manage and alleviate their emotions (stress, fear, frustrations) to facilitate and encourage understanding and collaboration. Inspire them to embrace and understand change, and build their emotional intelligence so they are better able to constructively handle challenges that come up as change is implemented.
Observation, Impact & Influence
To communicate effectively with impact and influence, it is not enough to listen to the words people say, we need to accurately read and analyse the information that is communicated by the speaker consciously and subconsciously through facial expressions, body language and the voice, and to remain calm and unbiased at all times. In this way we are able to lead, impact and influence others - instead of ourselves being impacted by others and their emotions.  
This programme may be tailored to your organisation's unqiue needs. Content which may be covered includes the following, and more: 
1 Learn the core reasons behind emotions and your reactions to better understand yourself and others
2 Increase your ability to observe emotions in yourself and others
3 Understand how to reduce the frequency of, and increase your ability to, control your emotional outbursts
4 Discover a breathing technique that you can practice anytime, anywhere to support your continued progress
5 Learn an effective meditation technique that you can easily practice at home
At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:
Increase their leadership skills, interpersonal skills and ability to communicate with impact and influence through greater calmness, understanding of self and others, and improved control of their Anger reactions
Understand the one core source of solutions to all problems
Experience a core shift as they expand their view of the world they live in
Strengthen their emotional intelligence foundation for greater work and personal success
These are some of the topics which may be covered by this programme:
Leading with Impact & Influence
Conflict Management
Change Management
Stress Management / Wellness
Advanced Coaching Skills
Advanced Communication Skills 


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